• Investigating and gathering information about plants in Thailand in order to collect data and sample for cultivating within the QSBG and Affiliated Gardens for the purpose of plants conservation.
  • Preparing and preserving the dried plant sample, preserved sample, dried fruit sample, and slide sample for Plant Taxonomy.
  • Verifying the plants’ name and preparing the scientific name labels for plants within QSBG and Affiliated Gardens and providing plant label services.
  • Providing the Horticulture Development Department with information and suggestions for the verification of plants’ name and family or plant grouping to educate public about botany in various methods and to promote the QSBG to be the educating botany garden.
  • Conducting research and study about relevant areas which will support the Plant Taxonomy, for example, the research on Plant Morphology, Plant Anatomy, Genetic Cell, Phytochemical, Isoenzymes, and DNA Analysis.
  • Responsible for the borrowing and exchange of plant samples between other herbariums, both in Thailand and other countries, according to the rules and regulation prescribed by the BGO.
  • Coordinating with academics and experts in the areas that will support the activities of the Herbarium.
  • Organizing the seminar and giving lectures about plants, Plant Taxonomy, or other areas associated with the activities of the Herbarium.