Organization Logo

Definition of the Organization Logo

Lotus shape

According to Thai tradition, lotus is considered a noble flower and is often used in association with religious institutions and the monarch. Therefore, as an organization initiated by the Thai monarch, the lotus is an appropriate flower to be used as the shape of the logo.

The Great Crown of Vitcory (Phra Maha Phichai Mongkut)

For the reason that the BGO is principally associated with the King, the Queen, or the monarch, and was once appointed as the Regent of Thailand by the King, the Great Crown of Victory on the BGO Logo is displayed as the auspicious symbol for organization.


The 3 Thai letters are the acronym of the BGO in Thai. The letters entwined into one represents the unity of the organization. The Thai letters also portray Thai as a nation with its own language.


The full name of the BGO in Thai and English. The name indicates that the organization is established for the conservation and development of botanic gardens.

Leaves and berries

At the bottom of the Logo, leaves and berries are presented in bunches along the curve in the lower part of the lotus shape. The leaves and berries represent the infinite evolution or the extinction of plants which can be conserve and prevent by the mission of the BGO.

Logo Designer/Interpreter Mr. Noppawat Sompuen Expert Artisan on Thai Arts, Art Officer Level 9, Fine Arts Department Date: 29 October 1994